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VERITEST OPERATION 1. Connect the coils and gate to the unit. Turn the unit on.

2. Set the test frequency for the defect you are seeking.

3. Set the sensitivity to zero.

4. Position the dot in the center of the oscilloscope with the V and H controls.

5. Set the sensitivity to thirty db or more.

6. Verify balance by turning the phase control. If a circle is scribed, the coils are not balanced. Use the balance controls to decrease the size of the circle and balance the system.

7. Verify that the gate switch is off.

8. Place a good part in one coil until its signal reaches its maximum point. Set the coil out of the way and use it as your reference coil.

9. Place another good part into the other coil until its signal is maximized. This is your test coil.

10. Re-verify with the phase control that the coils are balanced. If not, re-balance with the balance controls.

11. Move the piece inside the test coil and assure that its signal enters the oscilloscope from the bottom. If not, turn the phase control as you move the part until the signal enters the screen from the bottom.

12. Remove the good part from the test coil and insert a bad one. Move the part in and out of the coil to see where its signal falls. Repeat this procedure with several bad parts.

13. If the bad part signals fall in different areas than the good parts, you are ready to sort. If not, increase the sensitivity and repeat steps 9-12.

14. Once sufficient differences between the good and bad part signals have been established, choose the mode of operation you wish to use. Turn on the gate switch and re-verify your setup by passing parts through the gate.

15. Make any adjustments necessary in your setup and begin sorting.

16. If you have any problems, refer to the instruction manual, pages 21-26.

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