Engineered Inspection Systems

Mission Statement:

     Our mission is to provide our customers 100% satisfaction. We strive to furnish low-cost, reliable inspection systems so that our customers will turn to us again when they have future equipment needs. We are very proud of the fact that half of our business is with repeat customers.

Company History:

     Engineered Inspection Services (EIS) was incorporated in May of 1981. The original thrust of the business was to be a small parts sorting facility to sort fastener products for manufacturers. Due to business trends, it soon became evident that Engineered Inspection Services should diversify. It was decided that in addition to providing parts sorting, the company would also go into the sale and repair of non-destructive test equipment.

     Due to various problems encountered with the equipment we were reselling, in June of 1987, EIS started design of its own eddy current tester.   In this manner, we could provide our customers with the best capabilities possible from a user's point of view. Our "Veritest 1.0" eddy current unit made its debut in 1987.

     We are continually changing and upgrading our units to provide the highest level of reliability and most user-friendly operation for our customers. We are currently manufacturing the "Veritest 1.4" model, and the name "Veritest" is now a registered trademark. We have also changed our company name to Engineered Inspection Systems, to better reflect our true market.

Markets Served:

     Engineered Inspection Systems has customers and representatives worldwide. Half of our equipment is in use in countries outside the United States.

     We also have personnel who can speak other languages (French, Italian, and Spanish) to facilitate better communications with our customers.

Engineered Inspection Systems
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