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consists of an 8 inch water jacket This unit consists of;
8 inch X  24 inch  water jacket excellant for small cylinders up to medical D size and scuba 19 cf

14 inch X  42 inch water jacket - good for up to industrial 80 cf  and scuba/scba cylinders

Test station with selector valves for dual water jacket use

Calibrated cylinder

If wanted we will also provide the electric hoist and an overhead tract assembly.  This will require some light welding of hoist track to verticle stancions. 

Price $4000 USD

Overhead conveyor

We had it set up with 57 hangars.  We have extra cable to expand to as many as

I modified the controller to give it forward and reverse operation.


Viking Cylinder Bead Blaster

Well used but in very good functional shape. 


Hydro-test Water Jacket

This is new and used only three times and never permanently installed

24 X 72 inch water jacket